Counting Cottons

I’ve made a spreadsheet document for keeping count of floss stash.   I have found this template great for keeping my projects organized.   It may or may not be of interest to you depending on how you like to organize your projects.  The spreadsheet document has formulas which automatically update the total floss count page according to what is entered into the project tabs.  The template has 20 project tabs! If you have more than 20 projects I would suggest "saving as" on the document and renaming it, so you have multiple documents i.e. Two different documents for a total 40 project tabs, or 3 different documents for 60, etc.  (I suggest this because If you add more tabs yourself this messes the formulas up). The project tabs are located at the bottom of the spreadsheet and can be easily renamed without this effecting the functioning of the formulas (just click on the text and type in your chart title).  If you have lots of projects it may make it easier to order your chart titles in alphabetical order ;)
Please click here to download the free Floss Stash Organizer!


How I Organize my Floss with the Floss Organizer Spreadsheet

I keep my floss on bobbins in those compartmentalized floss storage containers and have a separate storage container dedicated to each project.  I store my excess floss skeins in separate dedicated project bags.  I quite often share floss between projects to cut down on how much stash I have and to cut down on buying frequency.  When I need to locate which bag a certain DMC number is in,  I can just flick through the spreadsheet project tabs and then find the corresponding labeled project bag in my stash.  I can check the main totals page in the spreadsheet to see what colours I have in stock and which ones I  have multiples of so I don't go stocking up on a colour that I already have 2 or 3 skiens of... or 8 skeins of!!! I would love to hear your methods for organizing your stash and what works for you! 

 photo IMG_3237_zpsxend3xhn.jpg photo IMG_3238_zpsrubovbdd.jpg

Iris Keeper of the Rainbow 

I have been stitching away on Iris have some progress to show on page three.
Previous progress:  photo IMG_2678_zps1bonc68a.jpg Progress Update:  photo IMG_3286_zps6vlavymm.jpg  photo IMG_3278_zpsjbg5xbt3.jpg
I've also stitched a little bit on the gift but progress has been slow on this one as well!
Previous progress:
 photo IMG_3022_zpskrclfee3.jpg
Current progress:   photo IMG_3297_zps75ov1otr.jpg   photo TagMeganmedium_zpse179497a.jpg


  1. Your works look gorgeous. I specially love the colors of the rose.

    1. Thanks Natascha! I need to get a move on with that one if I'm going to get it done on time! I will be concentrating on it lots more over the next couple of months, so glad you like it!

  2. Loving the colors on Iris. I just noticed your progress on Robber Bridegroom as well I can't believe how much you've gotten done. I haven't started mine yet lol. I keep all of my fabric in tubes on my bookshelf and my floss I keep in a binder with each bobbin getting it's own slot in a trading card holder. There are 20 trading card slots per page and they're organized numerically. I generally only have 1 skein of each color except black and I keep these whole in the pockets of the binder. Then when I'm working on a project I take out the colors I need and put them in a zippered electronics holder with my scissors and fabric if I'm taking it on the go.

    1. Thanks Heather! I did power through those first couple of pages of Robber! The next one is his ear which is exciting! I hope you get to start Rapunzel soon :) Your floss storage method sounds very organized, I like the binder idea!

  3. Hi Megan!! My floss organisation is very similar to yours, I've my floss inventory in my planner, For me is easier to look on a paper what floss I need and what I have. Then I have my 3 bobbin boxes (master boxes) where I kept one bobbin of each color of DMC, My Wip's have their own bag of floss as your's, and If I need more floss of my master box I go to the bag of the project that I'm stitching to grab the floss I need.
    I love your work on Iris, I suppose the colors must be more vivid in person, always the cameras don't do justice, but she's looking beautiful, great job :) I want to see more of the mistery :)

    1. Hi Karen!!! Thanks so much to you and Heather for sharing your floss organization methods, it's very interesting to see the different approaches. Your method is very similar to mine! The funny thing is I was also considering consolidating all my storage boxes into a set of master boxes like you have done! I haven't at this point because I think I'd end up with 5 boxes of cotton out every time I'm working on something. Iris has 120 different colours so I've got the floss for that in the largest container I have, which is actually a fishing tackle storage box! Also I think it's easier to locate colours from one box when working on one project rather than having to search through multiple boxes on one project :D It is very tricky to capture the stitching well in photos (especially with a crappy phone camera) but I do try my best! I've found that when I take the photos under fluro lighting in my kitchen the picture are truer in colour and I get more consistency in the photos I'm posting... :)


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