Queen of Confetti!

The Queen of Spades Sends Her Regards, Then What?

I've been stitching away on "The Queen of Spades" and hoped to have a page finish to reveal today... There is just so much confetti it didn't happen! It's been so refreshing to switch to a different piece, after spending what must've been months on Iris! I didn't realize just how much having a rotation of different projects keeps me motivated and inspired. Switching between pieces is fun, it creates excitement and keeps things interesting...

Previous Progress:

Current progress:

Have an awesome weekend!

Happy Stitching, xxx


  1. Great progress! What a lovely project you're working on.
    The hard work is paying off :)

  2. Beautiful progress. I really like this chart, looking forward to seeing you progress with it.

    1. Thanks! I really must give that poor two of spades the rest of his body and head very soon lol! 😁

  3. Wonderful work. And rotation is great.. It keeps you motivated and enthousiastic to see so many projects grow.

    1. Yes! I guess the downside is that the more pieces you work on the longer it takes to get a finish... But it's about enjoying the process... Even if they grow slowly! 🌻🌻🌻


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