Water Lily Pond: From Blog January 2017

Finished Cushion; 22 count Hardanger tented with 3 to 4 strands:

Lilly Butterfly

The Pattern is available on the downloads page.  The colours used in this Monet version are:



 T-shirt Yarn Rug: From Blog January 2017

After 32 rounds; about 130 cm wide:

The Finished Rug

The completed rug ended up having 35 rounds and measuring 144 cm wide!  It’s also quite heavy!  Which is not surprising since there has got to be at least 50 or so whole t-shirts of varying sizes in there.  I did end up needing more green t-shirts for the last couple of bands as I decided to go back to green before ending on black.  There were some t-shirts left over but I did use most of the yarn I had.   The great thing about the rug is it is hand washable.  I've found it’s better to spot wash if possible because it’s really thick which means it takes ages to dry.

 photo IMG_2232_zps4etieu4n.jpg
 photo IMG_2254_zpsthtzzqef.jpg
 photo IMG_2304_zps2wfw9pvt.jpg
 photo IMG_2331_zpszqrbckjg.jpg


I purchased a non-slip rug grip underlay for underneath.  Although the rug so heavy that it doesn’t tend to slip around much.  If it were smaller and lighter then this would be more crucial as it would be more likely to slide around. The rug does have a nice soft texture and thickness but the underlay does make it even more cushy to stand on, which is nice!

Knitting Adventures Blog July 2016 

Blue Farrow Scarf

The pattern is: knit, knit, purl... all the way across...  Till it's as wide as you want it!
It's an easy pattern but scarves are still very time consuming things to make!  This link explains Farrow Stitch in more detail.   This blue scarf was made for a friend last year and I'm knitting a similar white one for myself at the moment! 

Modelling the finished scarf: Using 5mm needles (US size 8)
 photo bluefarrow copy 2_zpsdibmdq8g.png

Flowers & Birds/Mystery Chart I

 Ready for framing:
 photo BIRDSampFlowers_zps4pmk0z62.jpg

 First it was washed and ironed!:
 photo IMG_5547_zpsucux5luk.jpg photo IMG_5552_zpsqerjcmgb.jpg

Birds & Flowers Framed:
  photo IMG_5600_zps01dhjafn.jpg
The frame was modified. Originally the pattern was much more solid looking, but I brushed some white acrylic over the top to soften the effect. A second matt was cut using really thick card which had a pearlescent sheen to it. The second matt ended up having to be wider than anticipated because I stitched out to a template but didn't factor shrinkage in… and the piece did shrink slightly when washed and ironed.

  photo IMG_5088_zpsv3wtni2c.jpg

 photo IMG_5595_zpslgstfzfw.jpg

 photo IMG_5593_zpsywme6ivc.jpg

 photo IMG_56011_zps78tmiieu.jpg


I based both the beanie and cowl designs on a video tutorial for a scarf posted by SimplyHookedCrochet:
Click here for the Sweetheart Scarf link

 photo IMG_3328_zpspl1oluof.jpg

 photo IMG_3331_zps4svc72za.jpg


Please excuse the contrasting colours in the cowl pictures! The actual colour of yarn is more truly represented in the beanie photos. There is a bit too much orange in the photos due to the different lighting conditions but as it has already been gifted I couldn’t retake them!:  I added button holes using this tutorial:  How to Crochet a Buttonhole

 photo IMG_3795.jpg_zpsi0w7dtly.png

Close up of the pretty buttons I managed to find :)
 photo IMG_3775_zpsgl19a0si.jpg

 Umbrella Sky Framed!

 photo main1large_zps313b9b49.jpg

 photo main3_zps7cf8f19d.jpg

 photo Main4_zpsf2b81450.jpg

Butterfly Pattern

Stitched on 22 count hardanger fabric
Tented, 3 over 1
 photo photo1_zps802e5800.jpg

 photo finishedcushion2small_zps8c59b735.jpg

 photo cusionfinish1small_zps6fa9e48d.jpg

 photo finishsmall_zps5f4d5c02.jpg

As a thank you to everyone who is following my blog I would like to share the chart I made as a free download.  If you are interested in stitching this design please feel free to download it and make your own butterfly.   I would love to see pictures of your stitching if you do stitch it! Feel free to leave a link to your piece in the comments section or on the contact form (see "About Me/Contact" page).

Click on the picture below to download the chart:)

Umbrella Sky Finish

Umbrella Sky is finished!!! It was the best feeling ever when I filled in the last stitch :D The stitched area is 18 by 24 inches. This is my first ever cross stitch! The photo is taken outside in the sun/natural light. I will post a picture in artificial lighting when it is framed.

Umbrella Sky by Marta Dahlig:
Stitched on 22 count Zweigart Hardanger Fabric,
2 over 1, Full Cross
Started January 2010, finished August 2014 (4 years & 7 months)
 photo umbrellafinishedcrop_zpse2f153f9.jpg

 photo 100_2406adsmaller1_zpsecfe26b5.jpg

 photo 100_2405adjsmaller13_zpsc78958e4.jpg

Mother’s Day Scarf 2014

I have been knitting madly to get this scarf finished in time for Mother’s Day. I found the pattern through Ravelry. Raverly is a great site for knitting and crochet patterns with thousands of patterns! Check it out if you knit and haven’t heard of it.

Trellis Scarf by Laura from The Purl Bee. Here is the link to the pattern for this scarf:

Knitting August 2013


I recently knitted this scarf/cowl for a friend's birthday.  Orange is her favorite colour.  The buttons are special as they belonged to my Grandma.  The pattern was quite tricky.  As you can see from the close-up, there is a diamond pattern that runs through the scarf.

Here is a scarf a made for myself!  I love this pattern... I also made an orange one in the same design for my sister a few years back.

Christmas Gift Cushions 

I made these cushions for a Christmas gift in 2012!  


Knitting 2012

Here is an epic project I knitted as a gift for a friend's new baby:


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